• Late-model Equipment
    Late-model Equipment Superior Canadian-designed: rotary air blast, reverse circulation, wet rotary, solid stem auger and hollow stem auger drills.
  • Superior Performance
    Superior Performance Lightweight drills with strong deep-hole performance. Continual innovation benefits clients and keeps costs lower.
  • Comprehensive Service
    Comprehensive Service Drilling services plus support services such as logistics, road building, site construction, trenching, and rehabilitation.
  • Strong Relationships
    Strong Relationships Expect clear communication from professionals. Hands-on management and onsite supervision helps further exploration.
  • Streamlined Systems
    Streamlined Systems Connect with a reliable contractor. Member of ISNetworld: maintaining safety, insurance, quality and regulatory standards.

Paycore Enterprises Ltd.

Is a diamond drilling contractor engaged in the mineral exploration field. We provide a variety of drilling services with fly and skid mounted hydraulic drills. Paycore Enterprises also known as Paycore Diamond Drilling is based out of McBride, B.C. and services the exploration industry across Canada and the United States.

Paycore Enterprises Ltd.

Drilling Services Provider

Paycore Enterprises Ltd.

Paycore Enterprises is a Drilling Contracting Company serving mining, consulting, oil & gas, pipeline, hydro, energy and utility companies across Canada. Our clients often carry out exploration and geotechnical drilliing in rugged areas. We provide cost-effective drilling services including fly, skid, and track mounted hydraulic drills. Paycore Drilling (a division of Paycore Enterprises Ltd.) is based out of McBride, B.C.:  phone (250) 968-4452. We also have offices in Fort St. John, B.C.: phone (250) 785-2070. Let us know how we can assist you.

  • Superior Service
  • Environment
  • Health and Safety

ISNetworld Member. By building a solid team and partnerships, we remains on the cutting edge. ISNetworld helps measure performance metrics and drive sustainable improvements. The result is lower incident rates and higher compliance numbers. Maintaining safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information is streamlined; saving time and improving safety records. We offer standardized drilling procedures across multiple sites and geographic regions for better managed drilling programs.

We recognize the importance of the environment. It is important to us and our clients, therefore we strive to have low impact drilling operations. Keeping the environment a top priority enables us to not only reduce our footprint, but also improve our productivity.

Keeping our equipment maintained in top notch condition and training our employees in environmental procedures, allows us to provide an efficient service and still maintain our goal of protecting the environment.

Safety is our number one concern and we are dedicated to providing a safe work environment for our employees and our clients. Through employee training, safety inspections, and proper PPE we make every effort to promote safety.

At Paycore we believe the proper attitude is the key to a safe work environment. By starting with a safe attitude at a management level we can re-enforce that all the way down to day-to-day operations.

Paycore Enterprises work hard to prevent incidents whether in the field, on the road, or at the office.

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Our Services

  • Our Crews +

    All our crews are highly experienced and are selected to provide the best possible outcome for the customer. Our drillers
  • Skid Drilling +

    We supply hydraulic drills mounted in skid shacks that can be moved typically by a Dozer or Skidder. These drills
  • Road & Pad Construction +

    For skid drilling programs we have the experience to build roads and pads into remote locations. We use our know
  • Site Rehabilitation +

    After a drill program is completed there is often a requirement to rehabilitate drill pads, roads and any other site
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On-Site Management

In our quest to provide top quality service to our customers we recognize the need to have onsite supervision of our crews and equipment to maximize our efficiency and service. This is why on all of our jobs we provide a full-time onsite manager.